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Create a Custom Home with Innovative Architectural Design

Make your dream home a reality with the help of John Daniel Skodi. Located in Waretown, New Jersey, I offer architectural design services to build the perfect custom home for you and your family.
The job of the architect is to take the wishes, desires, and needs of each client and form them into a design that fulfills all these requirements as best as

possible, while within the client's budget.That is, the design of a project is generated by the "Client" and not what the architect thinks is best for them. That is how each one of his projects truely becomes an example of what he calls, "Uniquely Designed and Client Tailored Architecture".

Design Process 1

1) Complimentary onsite first meeting
Onsite meeting for architect to walk through the proposed project site and evaluate the existing building. Owner explains what work they would like to have done and the type of project to be built. Architect reviews site plan to verify the existing building locations and lot line setbacks. Architect also reviews the buildings flood certificate for the first floor elevation compared to the required base flood elevation. Scope of project is discussed, if the architect has any concerns about what is proposed he will inform the owner. At this time any additional information and questions about the firm will be answered. Having a photo file of architectural details from other buildings showing the different spaces, elements, details and style of architecture the client is looking for, is also very helpful to the architect

2) Architect's proposal for services
Architect prepares and delivers a proposal for architectural services for the proposed project. The architect's proposal covers the scope of the project, phases and the architect's fees for the project. After the owners review and approve the contract for architectural services. Then when a signed copy and required retainer is received by the architect the project continues as follows.
3) Documentation of existing conditions
For renovations and additions, if correct and to scale drawings of the existing building are not available; I will measure and photograph the existing building as required. Then prepare existing condition drawings at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale of the floor plans and two elevations. These existing condition drawings will be used to generate correct to scale schematic designs of the proposed project including all found elements and conditions.

4) Design development phase
In the design development phase the refinement of the design continues. At this time interior and exterior materials, finishes and details are chosen. Notes are made for the project manual. Design development drawing which are 1/4"= 1'-0" hardline drawings of the floor plans and all four elevations, are sent to the owners for review. The architect meets with the client to review the design development drawings at the site or office to discuss the project. After any requested changes to the design are made and with the clients final approval of the floor plans and elevations the project moves on the construction document phase.

If a variance is required by the zoning board of adjustment for the project. I can provide documentation of the proposed design to the board of adjustment for their review. Also I can be available at the zoning board meeting as the architect of record, to answer any questions regarding the design and help support your case.

Design Process 2

5) Contract documents
Construction drawings to be prepared showing general notes, site, dwv diagram, zoning information, type wall section, floor plans, elevations, foundation, floor & roof framing, uplift hold downs & shearwall details and electrical layout plans for each floor as required. Also the project manual is prepared which outlines the specifications of and the methods of construction to be used for the project. The requirements of the general and sub contractors included. The project schedule, phases of construction, allowances are given. The Rescheck NJ energy code compliance form is calculated and filled out. Copies of the signed and sealed form are provided to owner and general contractor for submission of permits.

Note: The project manual is usually a part of the contract documents for a project going out to general contractor bid.

6) Bidding phase
Provide bid packages to general contractors. A minimum of three bidders are requested for most new construction and addition / renovations projects. Bid packages include three sets of the construction drawings and one copy of the project manual. Architect is available to answer contractors questions about the project and the bid packages as required. Architect to review sealed bids with the client as requested or required.

7) Construction phase
Architect provides three sets of the construction drawings sealed and signed by the architect to the town's building department for review and approval. Architect to address and answer building department questions to help facilitate the permit approval process. Answer contractor questions over the phone to help facilitate the construction process. Architect to make site vists to help facilitate construction as required.

8) Certified Asbuilt Drawings
Not regularly requested by the town's building department. If required the architect will visit the building site, will verify and record any changes made to the submitted plans for an additional fee. These records will be shown on a set of construction drawings which will be signed and sealed by the architect as "Certified Asbuilt"

Architect's fee
The architect's fee for a project is generated by the type of project, the complexity of the design and it's unique building site. The fee is based on different hourly rates for the time of the architect, drafting and office respectively. The time required to design and finish the construction documents for a project is different for each project. Time is calculated for the design of the project, required meetings, office and to prepare the contract documents, which include the construction drawing and project manual. Costs of reimbursable, overhead and profit are added to the hourly figure to calculate a total fixed fee amount for each project's contract for architectural services.

Note: The architect's fees are not based on a square foot cost figure or a percentage of the total construction cost of the project.

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